Important Hydrogenaudio member lvqcl

Thank you for taking part in the bitrate calibration for the New Public Multiformat Listening Test (Jan 2014). I want to make sure that sample selection is free from bias, and I'd like to pick samples randomly from your big lossless library, for a better sample selection without bias. I need your cooperation.

1. Please randomly pick 3 lossless sound files from your lossless library.

You can do so by a dice, by a spreadsheet, etc.

2. Please input the length of the lossless file.

Length of the lossless file [sec] Section to cut [sec]

Please press the "pick" button to determine the place to cut from.

3. Please cut the section specified above, and upload it losslessly.

It should be about 20 seconds. It doesn't need to be exactly from the section. You can cut from where you believe as appropriate for the listening test.